TW/CW: mentions of slavery, sexual assault and other potenitally triggering topics.

Photo of a man stood on a street in a city, holding a yellow sign which reads “slavery still exists”.
Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

In the 21st century, labour feels inextricably tied to our existence. Something which we value above all, something inescapable and permanent. It is undoubtedly the driving factor for our lives, and from the moment we are born, the concept of ‘dream jobs’ and making money are engrained within us. But…

CW/TW: Mentions of rape, sexual assault, kidnap, torture, etc.

The flag of Argentina against a light blue sky
Photo by Vick Bufano on Unsplash

On March 24th 1976, a nation was changed forever.

In the early hours of that Wednesday morning, a military right-wing coup d’etat overthrew the legitimate government in a major shift of political power. Their tyrannical rule terrorised the country, held in a vice-like grip for 7 long years. In those…

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